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3348 - Land Mobile Radio Maintenance Technician

Parker, Colorado
Top Secret


  • Implement comprehensive plans, policies and objectives, and provide technical advice to integrate technological applications to enhance customer operational requirements.
  • Plan, organize, and conduct studies and forecasts to establish technology for operational support of the law enforcement mission.
  • Coordinate with your manager and the customer COR about projected systems, current and planned capabilities, compatibility, costs and benefits, joint agency efforts, and other critical areas.
  • Assist in the implementation of nationwide long-term projects in coordination with the Chief Inspector OST.
  • Evaluate proposed technical solutions for law enforcement communications and make recommendations to USMS management.
  • Identify radio communications requirements, analyze technical solutions, conduct physical surveys, and implement and validate the final solution.
  • Serve as a troubleshooter and trainer to resolve operational and technical problems for radio systems, and users, and coordinate directly with the USMS field division leadership and/or representatives from other federal, state, and local public safety agencies.
  • Identify technical issues with radio communications experienced by users throughout the customer locations.
  • Design modifications and enhancements to improve the effectiveness of the communications systems.
  • Provide briefings on proposed modifications or enhancements to OST for implementation.
  • Work independently to survey wide areas and buildings for proper communications networks.
  • Plan, coordinate, build, and install new communication networks.
  • Identify technical failures on radio subscriber and infrastructure equipment and work independently to address/fix the failures.
  • Install analog and IP based video surveillance cameras, set up secure communication systems, and support GPS tracking.
  • Plan, design, and build custom hardware, cables, and components in support of unique communication demands.
  • Program, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair land mobile radio and communication assets.
  • Build radio code plugs for the USMS mission critical operations.
  • Update CPS software and firmware for all radio programming computers.
  • Prepare, run, and terminate coax, network, and fiber optic cables.
  • Test, tune and align duplexers, repeaters, portable radios and mobile radios.
  • Set up, configure, and use complex instrumentation to perform communication tests and maintenance.
  • Manage encryption keys using the Motorola Key Management Facility (KMF).
  • Encrypt radios using Over-the-Air-Rekeying (OTAR) or manually by using the KVL-3000+.
  • Analyze and interpret circuit wiring, logic cable diagrams, complete communication systems schematic diagrams, and network specifications for the purpose of installing, troubleshooting, or maintaining the system or device.
  • Perform calculations and manipulate test data in order to improve performance and solve problems.


  • Experience programming, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing the following LMR assets: APX 7000, APX 7500, XTS 5000, XTL 5000, XTS 2500, XTS 5000 consolette, Quantar repeater, Astro-Tac receiver, Astro-Tac 3000 comparator, GTR 8000 repeater, GPW 8000 receiver, and GCM 8000 comparator.
  • Experience building radio code plugs for Motorola land mobile radios.
  • Experience updating CPS software and firmware for all radio programming computers.
  • Possess a basic working knowledge of local and wide area networking, subnets, and TCP/IP.
  • Experience in installing and maintaining modern IP Radio Networks.
  • The ability to work in a high security environment and observe all required security procedures.
  • The ability to learn new radio and/or computer hardware and software skills quickly through independent study, formal training, and/or on-the-job training.
  • Five years experience in land mobile radio subscriber equipment; including programming, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance.
  • Five years experience in land mobile radio infrastructure equipment; including programming, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance.


  • Top Secret minimum