What our clients are saying about us

"Our Company engaged Procession Systems over a year ago on a three-month trial. We gave Procession some of our most challenging cyber work to fill, and they delivered great candidates and helped us make hires immediately.With those results as a pilot, we then expanded our portfolio of demand, and now we’re starting to see real lift from the partnership with many placements every month. Procession as an outsourced recruiting solution sets the bar for talent, responsiveness and competence. They take the time to learn about the demand they’re filling, and they deliver relevance every time. It will sound trite here, but the team at Procession Systems will under promise and over deliver. I count on their professionalism and teamwork to augment my internal recruiting efforts to give me more speed and capacity in an innovative, flexible risk-sharing cost model. I’d recommend them to anyone except a competitor"

—$7 Billion Client, Senior Manager Talent Acquisition

"Working with Procession Systems has been a refreshing experience. Procession is as a true Partner, an extension of my team.  The team at Procession has taken the time to learn our company culture to help identify the right candidates for us, as well as to understand how to share that with prospective candidates so they too can be certain we are the right fit for their next career move. The consistency of quality candidates has helped ensure we are efficient and continue to grow. Truly unlike any vendor relationship I have experienced.”"

— $35 Million Client, Director of Talent

"They aren't the best in the game. They are game changers. If your most valuable asset is your people, then look no further. A truly data-driven and aggressive approach to recruiting yields top talent in record time. The professionalism, communication and honesty of Procession is unparalleled, fromt he top down. Partnering with Procession has allowed us to align our resources more efficient internally and allows us to do we do best. They are one of our best kept secrets."

— $15 Million Client, Cheif Operating Officer

"After four years of seeing no improvement in the results produced by our internal recruiters, it was clearly time for a different approach. We had hired additional recruiters, more senior recruiters with incrementally higher salaries, acquired more sourcing tools and job boards, but the number of candidates sourced for each open position continued to dwindle, and the time to fill open positions continued to rise. It was time to examine a different model, and the solution could not have been timelier. Working with Procession allowed us to meet the demand for additional personnel, and grow our business by 40% in the last six months. Procession provided the results we needed to be responsive to our customers. Their way of integrating in to our processes made the switch seamless to our hiring managers and provided the “candidate flow” we had been searching for. New hires have commented on the high level of professionalism extended to them by the “company’s recruiters” during the hiring process. This not only helped us close candidates, but also served to quell any unease our hiring managers may have had in going to an outsourced recruiting model. Utilizing the Procession team of outsourced recruiters and their integrating processes has made a noticeable improvement in our business. I have asked myself many times over the past year why we didn’t do this sooner."

— $25 Million Client, President and CEO

"Thank you to the Procession Systems team for the outstanding number of quality candidates that you have been providing. You all have gone over and above to make sure that filling positions for a start up feel as if you were doing searches for a Fortune 100 company. We really appreciate the continued support and commitment to quality."

— $3 Million Client, CEO

"A recent government contract award created the need for additional support for our recruiting team. As a small business, we often rely on partners to provide additional support. We were looking to partner with one entity that could provide the dependability and continuity we might attain by hiring a team in house and that is exactly what Procession Systems has provided. These guys share our passion for innovation around customer service and just finding ways to set the bar a little higher. The Procession team has been hugely impactful in our recent success and we enjoy working with the entire team."

— $20  Million Client, Director of Talent