Reduce Cost

We’ll bring practices and tools to your project that are proven to provide the right results on your most important searches.  Hiring  managers frequently tell us how our partnership, rapid communications, and data analytics drives the hiring process better and faster than they have ever experienced.  

Reduce Cost

We use a structured recruiting method to improve alignment with hiring managers, so they get better candidate quality and hiring speed.  The more hiring manager engagement we have, the better the process works with many of our projects achieving savings up to 65%. Three keys to our approach are structured requisition intake, weekly reporting, and data analytics to identify areas of each search that need to be improved upon with recommendations.  

Strong Partnership

Produces Savings up to 65%

Client 4
70% Savings
  • 4 hires in 1 month
  • Savings $85,000
Client 3
60% Savings
  • 14 hires in 4 months
  • Savings $210,000
Client 1
35% Savings
  • 75 hires in calendar year
  • Savings $790,000
Client 2
50% Savings
  • 25 hires in calendar year
  • Savings $375,000
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