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3232 - Senior Software Developer

Newington, Virginia
Top Secret


  • Provide development support to a Vulnerability research lab and work with large diverse team of developers and engineers.
  • Successful candidate will have experience developing, debugging and/or reverse engineering code for popular mobile programming languages.
  • Expertise in static and dynamic analysis to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Work on exploitation of mobile devices and/or the software within mobile devices to enable surveillance or access to protected information.


  • 5 years of relevant experience with software development.
  • Experience with Python, Java, Objective-C or Swift
  • Experience determining how files are structured and identifying standard methods for encoding data.
  • Comfortable viewing, analyzing, and understanding raw binary data.
  • Experience with supporting SW development projects involving multiple developers, including working with language family IDEs and generating code documentation.
  • Familiarity in using issue tracking software (i.e. gitlab) as part of a team.
  • Knowledge of git or equivalent version control systems
  • Possession of excellent analytical and technical writing skills
  • Possession of excellent oral and written communication skills
  • BA or BS degree


  • Knowledge of common mobile architectures and their associated instructions, including x86, ARM, and ARM64
  • Experience using industry standard RE tools (IDA Pro, Ghidra, JEB, Hopper) to determine how closed-source software functions.
  • Experience in identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities, such as memory corruption through stack overflows, heap overflows, integer overflows, and logical flaws.
  • Ability to analyze and decode data packets over a networked connection, and experience with network analysis tools (e.g., Wireshark)


  • Top Secret minimum