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2929 - Reverse Engineer

Chantilly / McLean, Virginia


We are seeking an experienced Reverse Engineer who has experience decompiling malicious code and can spot deceptive code written by hackers. This candidate needs to have the skills to remove the obfuscation, decrypt the strings, identify the command-and-control links, find the functions, and even determine the complier language used to make the malware.

This position provides reverse engineering support to decompile malicious code, remove obfuscation, decrypt strings, identify command-and-control links, find functions, and determine compiler language used to make the malware. We need a professional to examine real attack vectors; run down leads in the ether of network flow data or within the perishable pages of memory on compromised hosts; and use toolsets to dive deep and explore the most advanced malware exemplars. This position has real impact seen in the international headlines and many more untold accomplishments made quietly in the shadows. This malware analyst/reverse engineer will be conducting examinations and analysis of emerging nefarious technologies and previously unknown malicious exploits.


  • BA or BS Degree
  • 3+ years of experience with functional testing
  • Experience with analyzing malicious code exemplars
  • Experience with software development, including reading assembly code and understanding Windows API calls
  • Experience with tools, including Ida Pro, Ghidra, and Olly Debug
  • Experience with providing both dynamic and static analysis
  • Experience with working independently or under limited direction or guidance


  • TS/SCI minimum with the ability to obtain a Full Scope Polygraph clearance