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2800 - Data Administrator

McLean, Virginia
Full Scope Polygraph


The Customer's office is looking for an individual who will complement the team with data management skills and experience.


  • Identify and make recommendations for corrections to incompatible dissemination guidance.
  • Research and correct missing sourcing, classification or dissemination information.
  • Research, identify, and correct duplicate records in the catalog.
  • Answer questions and provide guidance and policy information.
  • Work with Customer Data Management coordinators and cataloguers to verify both new and legacy records are properly routed and classified.


  • Demonstrated experience conducting activities to cataloging, managing and preserving digital information.
  • Demonstrated experience in areas that enhance discoverability, and appropriately disseminate digital information.
  • Demonstrated experience providing guidance to users of information management systems.


  • Demonstrated experience or working knowledge of Customer’s data management tool to catalog and research datasets, including Collections and Data Submission Forms.
  • Demonstrated experience or working knowledge of Customer dataset cataloguing
  • Demonstrated experience or knowledge of Customer office operations (from collecting data to submitting data to cataloging).
  • Demonstrated experience or knowledge of downstream Customer systems.
  • Demonstrated experience with reporting and communicating catalog defects.


  • Full Scope Polygraph minimum