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Procession Systems is using the NICE framework to produce the best Cyber hiring results in the staffing industry.

  • Our Cyber Practice Leader manages our demand and candidate inventory to ensure every search receives the best talent in the market, so you get qualified candidates, fast
  • We track this labor market daily and deliver valuable insight including: scarcity, hiring trends amongst employers, detailed salary insights, and a big picture forecast of where the market is headed
  • Our recruiters have completed 30 hours of training in candidate engagement and data analytics, so you benefit from our market knowledge whether you are a client or a candidate.

Cyber Talent Inventory

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NICE Category

Operate and Maintain

Collect and Operate

Protect and Defend




Securely Provision



Oversee and Govern

Conceptualizes, designs, procures, and/or builds secure information technology (IT) systems, with responsibility for aspects of system and/or network development.

Provides leadership, management,direction, or development and advocacy so the organization may effectively conduct cybersecurity work.

Performs highly-specialized review and evaluation of incoming cybersecurity information to determine its usefulness for intelligence

Investigates cybersecurity events or crimes related to information technology (IT) systems, networks, and digital evidence.

Provides the support, administration, and maintenance necessary to ensure effective and efficient information technology(IT) system performance and security

Provides specialized denial and deception operations and collection of cybersecurity information that may be used to develop intelligence.

Identifies, analyzes, and mitigates threats to internal information technology (IT) systems and/or networks.





Based on NIST national initiative forcybersecurity education (NICE) framework Special Publication 800-181 August 2017