Customer Success Stories

Achieve real cost savings, dramatic improvements in qualified candidate flow, and real increases in hiring efficiency.

$7 Billion client gains $20 Million with hires from Procession Systems

Problem: New project ramp up needed scarce talent with short delivery time frame and hard deadline

Solution: Procession Systems “around the clock” shifts of networking to get to passive offensive Cyber talent

A 30,000+ employee Government contractor had a highly cleared Cyber program with a high volume need and short time frame. Procession came into that project and immediately staffed the entire project. Following the success, client introduced Procession to work in Civilian, Defense, and Intel. Procession has been successful across markets and delivered 71 hires on client’s most challenging positions.

Estimated Savings:  $800,000

Client Quote:

"Our Company engaged Procession Systems over a year ago on a three-month trial. We gave Procession some of our most challenging cyber work to fill, and they delivered great candidates and helped us make hires immediately. With those results as a pilot, we then expanded our portfolio of demand, and now we’restarting to see real lift from the partnership with many placements every month. Procession as an outsourced recruiting solution sets the bar for talent, responsiveness and competence. They take the time to learn about the demand they’re filling, and they deliver relevance every time. It will sound trite here, but the team at Procession Systems will under promise and over deliver. I count on their professionalism and teamwork to augment my internal recruiting efforts to give me more speed and capacity in an innovative, flexible risk-sharing cost model. I’d recommend them to anyone except a competitor."   

-Senior Manager Talent Acquisition