Data Analytics

We provide insights on the labor market and your search to ensure alignment. We provide recommendations when realignment is required.

We provide labor market, recruiting, and hiring  analytics to deliver unmatched value and success to our clients

Labor Market Analytics

  • Labor market size
  • Geographic distribution
  • Real-time salaries for qualified candidates

Success Story

Customer: Midsize Contractor with a recent award
Problem: After receiving a new award, our client had trouble finding candidates that were qualified and in price range
Analytics Insight:  Our analytics revealed that 70% of the qualified population was eliminated because of a certification requirement while the target salary was 10% lower than market average
Solution: Client presented our data and convinced end customer to allow for certification to be obtained within 90 days. Client and Procession agreed to add signing bonus to offers
Result: 10 new hires in 3 months

Recruiting Analytics

  • Best outreach strategies
  • Best target companies and contracts
  • Best methods
  • Strongest messages
  • Engagement strategies

Success Story

Customer:  The National Intelligence business at a $7B federal contractor
Problem:  Qualified candidates were taking other offers before interviewing with client
Analytics Insight:  Our analytics revealed a 10 day delay in scheduling interviews across 6 programs
Solution:  Client agreed to omit resume review and schedule our candidates directly to interviews
Result:  15 Fullscope Polygraph hires in 120 days

Hiring Process Analytics

  • Candidate conversion rates
  • Quality and process diagnostics, speed, cost
  • Pipeline metrics
  • Candidate volume
  • Market feedback

Success Story

Customer: Large Civilian market contract for $5B federal contractor
Problem: No qualified candidates in the market
Analytics Insight:  
Our analytics revealed the responsibilities in the roles were inconsistent with how most federal contractors perform the functions in question
We recommended a redesign of the work to be more consistent with the market
2 hires in 30 days on a program that had not filled a job in 6 months