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3295 - Cyber Security Business Expert

Herndon, Virginia
Full Scope Polygraph


  • Providing system and requirements integration with the components that perform the IT development/engineering of capabilities in support of an enterprise portfolio and project management tool for which the Sponsor is the product owner.
  • Managing and supporting the overall financial and business efforts including a new initiative related to cost recovery model. The work will include assessing and analyzing data through conversations with IT and finance Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), as well as documenting and briefing data related to subject.  
  • Supporting a startup integrated security initiative with a focus on analyzing current processes, approvals and training while formulating a plan for the future. The work will include communications with security SMEs and developing a roadmap.
  • Assist the Sponsor to integrate different requirements and capabilities from other offices across the broader Sponsor community into a centralized system.
  • Design, test, and integrate new security products as directed by the GTM. The Contractor Team shall integrate security products, including designs for all Sponsor networks.
  • Provide technical oversight and direction to designated boards for integrating new technology or major new mission capabilities into the Sponsor environment, standards and structures.
  • Engage with customers to determine the nature of requirement/analytic problem, evaluate options, and offer Information Technology (IT)-based recommendations.
  • Resolve complex IT problems efficiently and accurately while adhering to Sponsor’s standards and procedures.
  • Plan, test, and integrate new and upgraded versions of the relevant IT components, systems, applications, tools.
  • Identify opportunities to integrate and improve resources to accomplish customer needs.
  • Review existing Information Technology (IT) programs and assist in making refinements, reducing operating time, and improve current techniques


  • Demonstrated experience successfully utilizing exceptional customer service working directly with business and technical customers to communicate organizational accomplishments, status and direction to stakeholders’ at all organizational levels.
  • Demonstrated experience developing use cases that improve the ability to find information in a more timely fashion
  • Demonstrated experience in data analysis, requirements gathering, translations, and visualizing information in a clear way to explain the data at hand.
  • Demonstrated experience developing and managing project schedules, utilizing MS Project to identify critical tasks, and EVM for overall project status
  • Demonstrated experience with resource allocation and optimizing resource assignments by identifying key resources and the right set of skill sets required for a project.
  • Demonstrated experience developing Minimum Viable Increments (MVIs) based on requirements gathered.
  • Demonstrated experience and background in Business/Financial areas.
  • Demonstrated experience successfully utilizing written communication skills to produce publishable documents
  • Demonstrated experience with portfolio & resource management
  • Demonstrated experience working on both development and integration projects
  • Demonstrated experience tracking budgetary funds


  • Demonstrated experience with Service Now
  • Demonstrated experience with the Sponsors on site customer domain.
  • Demonstrated experience with the Sponsor's budget process and culture
  • Demonstrated experience working in or with the Sponsors security component
  • Demonstrated experience working in and with the Sponsors security tools and processes


  • Full Scope Polygraph minimum