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CLOSED - 2826 - IT Project Manager

Herndon, Virginia
Full Scope Polygraph


The Customer operates an evaluation and development lab in the WMA that enables the Customer's components to rapidly respond with technical solutions to mission requirements. The solution process includes activities that can occur outside the traditional environments. The Customer requires on-site technical, managerial, and project support in the evaluation and development lab.


  • Lead equipment and facilities management operations.
  • Gather and analyze project requirements to ensure all necessary hardware, network, and infrastructure changes.
  • Manage web-based scheduling application, ensuring constant uptime and responsiveness.
  • Work with staff, team, and clients to produce and approve engineering estimates.
  • Monitor and guide project activities in coordination with the Customer's GTM.
  • Build and maintain a robust overarching network, while providing support to specialty network hardware and configuration requests.
  • Support network capabilities to include routing, switches, hardware, and software installation operations, MPLS, subnetting, and network security for Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) and Next Generation Firewall Support (NGFW),and developing and customizing applications for the Customer's systems.
  • Provide systems administration and operating system builds for Linux, Windows, Apple, and Android devices. These systems should operate 24/7 without interruption and meet the Customer's approved timelines for new development activities in support of network and cloud platforms solutions.
  • Ensure all development and modifications to the Customer's existing network and platforms comply with the Customer’s policies and regulations.
  • Create and maintain multiple OS images to support projects.  develop and maintain cloud-based web presence.
  • Provide research, architect, engineering, and implementation support for customer projects.
  • Design and maintain cloud solutions for the Customer’s software development efforts and the sites user front end.
  • Provide direct customer support and administration of scheduling, usage, and occupancy of the environment.
  • Interface with the building management company in ensuring working order of assets.
  • Communicate and collaborate across organizational boundaries, and with other contractor teams in support of networks and platforms, focusing on the modernization of the Customer's business processes and technical solutions.
  • Work with the Customer's staff, contractors, and external stakeholders such as vendors and personnel from government agencies.
  • Partner with the working level officers and mission experts across the IT applications, infrastructure, operations, and security domains to understand customer lab requirements.
  • Plan and orchestrate physical and software infrastructure modifications to the lab environment.
  • Provide customer programmatic support to projects and programs to include presentations.
  • Coach project teams in systems engineering and development of best practices.


  • Demonstrated experience with administration and implementation of WordPress.
  • Demonstrated experience administering Win10, Linux, IOS, and Android computers and devices.
  • Demonstrated experience with Agile and full systems development life cycle development.
  • Demonstrated experience as a customer service representative.
  • Demonstrated on-the-job experience communicating with mission partners to develop and mature cutting edge technology projects.
  • Demonstrated experience implementing and administrating multi-layered networks.
  • Demonstrated experience building front end applications using Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Demonstrated experience with administration and implementation of Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs).


  • Demonstrated experience building with computer hardware.
  • Demonstrated experience with systems planning, security principles, and software management best practices.
  • Demonstrated experience with networking appliances such as switches, firewalls, and wireless communication.
  • Demonstrated experience implementing the Customer's security best practices in unsecured spaces.


  • Full Scope Polygraph minimum