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CLOSED - 2784 - Machine Learning Engineer

Herndon, Virginia
Full Scope Polygraph


We are seeking analytical support to review, compare and make recommendations for actions (data cleansing, transformation) as well as support data migration planning and coordination efforts.  We also seek to build a skills inventory, which will eventually integrate with other Sponsor’s systems, capturing both position skill requirements and competency levels as well as personnel skill and competencies. The project manager will manage priorities.


  • Work closely with system engineers, database administrators, HR and Talent management, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), and project managers.
  • Perform a Gap Analysis of the following sub-tasks to include analyzing the current state; creating a?baseline; identifying the gaps between what is known and what is needed; and developing an action plan to mitigate the gaps.
  • Review the Sponsor’s analysis of data sets.
  • Compare data sets against information contained in various HR & Talent Sponsor systems.
  • Review and map Sponsor’s Knowledge, Skills & Abilities (KSA) data sets to a variety of data sets pulled from various sources and identify structural differences between the fields in the various data sets; review Sponsor’s data cleansing status.
  • Preview mock cleansing to show previous and desired end states.
  • Establish a repeatable process to periodically “scrape” and collect skills from a collection of Sponsor performance reviews.
  • Comply with Sponsor’s guidance and policies regarding the collection, analysis and use of personal identifiable Information (PII).
  • Create an access-controlled collection of disparate data sources.
  • Create an access-controlled database to store collected jobs, competencies, knowledge skills, abilities (KSAs), and proficiency levels.  The portable database will be transferrable to the process owner upon the completion of the implementation.
  • Create a data migration plan to export collected skills and competencies into Sponsor’s systems.
  • Scrape, collate, and perform analysis of skill sets from open source, commercially available, and existing Sponsor databases and applications for addition to the Skills repository.
  • Scrape, gather and analyze onboarding data to enrich the Skill and Competencies Repository.
  • Review and analyze all Sponsor service competency data for addition to the Skill and Competencies Repository.
  • Collaborate with other internal Sponsor offices to review, analyze, and update competency data from open source, commercially available, existing Sponsor databases, and applications for addition to the Skill and Competencies Repository.
  • Evaluate current Sponsor Chatbot & Machine Learning (M/L), Artificial Intelligence offerings and integration methods and provide a report on opportunities to integrate with Sponsor systems.
  • Evaluate and assess Sponsor’s planned system restructuring and its data integration impacts with a new external service provider.
  • Work with the Sponsor team supporting the system restructure to understand data standards required and the impact on the Sponsor’s OPM standardization efforts.
  • Create a transition guide or SOP of activities.
  • Create and maintain documentation for a Skills Taxonomy Gap Analysis Report – to include an assessment of the current state, proposed baseline of Competencies, Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities; identification of missing data, and an action plan for gap mitigation.
  • Create and maintain documentation of Methodologies & Tools used to accomplish the Scope of Work.
  • Create and maintain documentation related to System Access to database(s); systems used, databases accessed, to perform the work.
  • Create and maintain a list of Internal and External Key Contacts, to include names and contact information.
  • Create and maintain documentation regarding concerns, risks, and issues regarding data, storage, tools, and access.
  • Create and maintain documentation regarding the status of deliverables and open actions


  • Demonstrated experience designing, creating tables, views, relationships, scripting (SQL) with Database systems (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL, NOSQL,? structured & unstructured data)
  • Demonstrated experience with implementing and using ETL tools.
  • Demonstrated experience implementing, using, and creating Data APIs or Data services.
  • Demonstrated experience with Python, Java, and Scala programming languages.
  • Demonstrated experience implementing, using, and creating Data Visualizations.
  • Demonstrated experience implementing, using, or creating Machine learning/AI software, tools and services.
  • Demonstrated experience using or creating AWS Cloud based analytic tools and services.
  • Demonstrated experience using and implementing Hadoop;


  • Demonstrated experience with using and creating Tableau visualizations.
  • Demonstrated experience with using and creating workspaces in Bluescape.
  • Demonstrated experience working with data services in the Sponsor’s cloud environment.
  • Demonstrated experience with the Sponsor’s HR data and database environment
  • Demonstrated experience using SharePoint and adding and integrating content.
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Agile Project Management Methodology.  


  • Full Scope Polygraph minimum