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CLOSED - 2756 - System Engineer

McLean, Virginia
Full Scope Polygraph


  • Work closely with and the Sponsor and Contractors in the development of Applications, System Engineering and IT project lifecycle support.
  • Perform engineering development with multiple OS’s such as Windows, Linux, and OSX.
  • Perform engineering development with multi-level systems and networks.
  • Perform engineering development with multi-cloud environments including but not limited to Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google.
  • Work in tandem with their development team peers, project managers (PMs), and Scrum Master in planning, organizing, and decision-making to fulfill work requirements.
  • Work with PMs and the Scrum Master to coordinate, facilitate, and schedule meetings to include technical exchange meetings (TEMs).  
  • Provide support as required to answer corporate actions that affect and address their tools and applications and meet established deadlines.
  • Provide a weekly and ad hoc reports covering their work activities on a weekly basis and to their division management.
  • Collaborate with their respective peer team to develop detailed designs, translating and decomposing requirements both independently and in an agile team environment.
  • Process requirements, conducting necessary research to support determining requirement solutions at an Enterprise-level, utilizing Sponsor enterprise tools.
  • Develop, edit necessary technical documentation, and present for review.
  • Properly store technical documents for the group, proactively retrieving from regulations to collect relevant information with tools such as Confluence, GitHub, Jenkins, and SharePoint.
  • Ensure all technical documents are professional, free of errors, security compliant, and comply with the appropriate templates.


  • Demonstrated experience integrating, testing, scaling, and delivering enterprise level IT applications supporting infrastructure and operations.
  • Demonstrated experience with multi-cloud-based programming, coding, scripting processes, tools, and solutions in a rapid prototyping, DevOps style environment.
  • Demonstrated experience performing engineering and development activities in a multilevel secured environment.
  • Demonstrated experience supporting with multi-level systems and networks.
  • Demonstrated experience with CentOS, RHEL, and ESX.
  • Demonstrated experience with Operating Systems such as Windows, Linux, and OSX.
  • Demonstrated experience designing, programming, testing, and delivering high performing applications, products, and services with emphasis on cloud services including but not limited to Amazon Web Service (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google.
  • Demonstrated experience developing using JavaScript, Springs, or Hibernate (HQL).
  • Demonstrated experience providing and performing O&M support on deployed applications such as SPLUNK and Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager.
  • Demonstrated experience collaborating and communicating with organizational leadership and stakeholders at various levels such as peers, technical partners, management, and executive level customers.
  • Demonstrated experience with DevOps tools including but not limited to Jenkins and GitHub.
  • Demonstrated experience with DevOps Build processes and automated testing tools, such as, Selenium.


  • Demonstrated experience with Joomla, and AWS Lambda.
  • Demonstrated experience with service management tools such as ServiceNow, ESP, and JIRA.
  • Demonstrated experience translating technical information into clear, readable documents and presentations to be used by technical and non-technical personnel.
  • Demonstrated experience analyzing workflow, establish priorities, set deadlines, and offer technical input that drives change.
  • Demonstrated experience in an Agile development and Project Management Framework (PMF).
  • Demonstrated experience with Sponsor and Sponsor partner security policies and procedures.
  • Demonstrated experience with security tools, such as, XACTA, Rapid 7, Web Inspect.
  • Demonstrated experience with data analysis and visualization tools.
  • Demonstrated experience working in fast-paced team environment that delivers highly visible products.
  • Demonstrated experience with IT service delivery processes and full cycle IT project management.


  • Full Scope Polygraph minimum