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2254 - Software Architect

Herndon, Virginia


  • Research, evaluate, and recommend tools and technologies for CSM Program
  • Define solution architecture for modernized software-based business services
  • Architect complex software systems using a combination of commoditized services and custom developed services, within a hybrid cloud architecture
  • Define and communicate architectural guidelines for software systems across CSM Program
  • Apply standard design patterns and best practices to software system architectures to improve maintainability, flexibility, performance, security, and availability
  • Develop common, enabling, and business services, as needed, using CSM Program technologies


  • Bachelor’s degree in STEM and at least 9 years’ experience or no degree with additional 4 years of experience
  • Experience in leading the architectural design of enterprise software systems
  • Experience in leveraging commoditized services and their integration with custom developed services in a hybrid cloud architecture environment
  • Experience in defining solution architectures and concept of operations for projects specializing in development of enterprise web applications
  • Experience as a full stack software developer
  • Developing single page applications using a client-side rendering framework (Angular, React, etc.) and responsive CSS framework (Bootstrap, Material Design, etc.)
  • Developing microservice architecture solutions using REST-based services (Spring MVC, Spring Boot, etc.)
  • Developing structured transactional database solutions using an RDBMS database (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing


  • Experience in enterprise software system modernization efforts
  • Experience architecting and developing high volume, highly available, and secure software systems in an incremental manner using the SAFe Agile methodology
  • Experience in cloud-based environments including the development of software that supports architectures that involve hybrid clouds


  • Secret minimum