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2247 - Full Stack Software Engineer

Herndon, Virginia


As part of the modernization program, the Full Stack Software Engineer will be responsible for supporting the full software development life cycle (SDLC), including requirements definition and prototyping, software design, implementation, testing, and maintenance.


  • Work with the system engineering team to understand customer business needs and priorities
  • Define software requirements, both functional and non-functional, as high-level epics, features and user stories to support SAFe Agile methodology
  • Develop prototypes to support product and/or technology evaluations
  • Design software using industry standard design patterns and best practices to improve maintainability, flexibility, performance, security, and availability
  • Define the software design using a model-based engineering strategy (SysML/UML)
  • Implement enterprise web-based applications (Java technology stack) within a SAFE Agile environment
  • Develop single page applications using a client-side rendering framework
  • Develop service-based solutions (REST-based web services) using microservices architecture
  • Develop database solutions for managing structured and unstructured data
  • Develop automated unit and integration tests that can be incorporated into CI/CD pipeline
  • Support CI/CD initiatives and utilize static code analyzers to ensure high quality source code
  • Support software testing activities, including IV&V, and provide timely software defect resolutions
  • Provide production and operational support, as needed, to ensure deployed software meets functional and non-functional requirements


  • Bachelor's degree in STEM and at least nine (9) years’ experience or no degree with additional 4 years of experience
  • Experience in software development and maintenance projects with involvement in requirements management, technical design/development, and deployment steps within SDLC
  • Experience supporting software development activities for software projects specializing in development of enterprise web applications
  • Experience with full-stack development using the Java technology stack to implement enterprise web-based applications within a SAFE Agile environment
  • Experience with static code analyzers (CAST, HP Fortify, SonarQube, etc.)
  • Experience developing 508 compliant solutions
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbally and in writing


  • Experience in enterprise software system modernization efforts or no degree with additional 4 years of experience
  • Experience in cloud-based environments including the development of software that supports architectures that involve public/hybrid clouds
  • Experience developing single page applications using a client-side rendering framework (Angular, React, etc.) and responsive CSS framework (Bootstrap, Material Design, etc.)
  • Experience developing service-based solutions using the Java technology stack, building REST-based services (Spring MVC, Spring Boot, etc.), and deploying in a container-based microservices architecture (Docker, Spring Boot, Kubernetes, etc.)
  • Experience developing structured transactional database solutions using an RDBMS database (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.)
  • Experience developing high volume, highly available, and secure software systems
  • Experience developing and deploying software systems in an incremental manner using the SAFe Agile methodology


  • Secret minimum