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1823 - Hardware/Software Integration

West Bethesda, Maryland
US Citizenship


  • This position supports the US Navy’s Tactical Signatures Program. This program develops and delivers tactical decision aids to the warfighter that allow operators to maximize the effectiveness of tactical sonar systems on US Navy platforms.
  • This high visibility role supports all aspects of the Tactical Signatures Program by integrating, testing, and maintaining Engineering Development Models (EDMs) and prototypes for all systems used for signature evaluation, testing, and modeling.
  • Duties will include integrating workstation, server, storage, and networking hardware; loading Windows and Linux operating systems; loading and testing development environments; verifying performance of the EDMs; maintaining the hardware and operating systems of the EDMS; and mitigate Information Assurance issues as directed.
  • The candidate will also perform hardware preventive maintenance, hardware repair, parts sparing, parts inventorying, and shipping to support delivered and development systems.


  • This role requires a BS degree from an accredited educational institution in Engineering, Computer Science, or a related field.
  • This is a mid-career role (6 to 9 years experience).
  • Requires experience integrating complex subsystems into sonar and/or ASW C2 systems into which signature guidance systems are integrated such as AN/BQQ-10 Sonar, AN/SQQ-89 Sonar, and the Integrated Undersea Surveillance Systems Integrated Common Processor (IUSS-ICP)


  • US Citizenship required