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1816 - Security Guard

Cudjoe Key, Florida
US Citizenship


We are seeking two full time  Security Guards in Cudjoe Key, FL in support of the Tethered Aerostat Radar System (TARS) program to enforce regulations designed to prevent breaches of security. Forty hours guaranteed and growth potential.


  • Patrol assigned areas to deter unauthorized entry, protect government property, and perform entry controller duties
  • Exercise judgment and uses discretion in dealing with emergencies and security violations encountered
  • Determine whether first response should be to intervene directly, to keep situation under surveillance, or to report situation so that it can be handled by appropriate authority
  • Receive specialized training in methods and techniques of protecting security areas
  • Participate in basic aerostat operations, including (but not necessarily limited to) launch to flight altitude, recovery from flight altitude, aerostat snubbing, snow removal, inflations, and deflations
  • Use personal computer, printer, and other general office equipment
  • Drive company vehicles observing all operational and safety policies and procedures, as well applicable state mandate regulations, including proper permits and license requirements
  • Perform activities in exterior and interior work environments, sometimes in inclement weather


  • Ability to obtain and maintain a position of Public Trust which requires US Citizenship
  • High School or GED Diploma
  • Two years of work experience
  • You have a valid US Driver’s License
  • You can fluently read, write, speak and understand English


  • Have a demonstrated track record of being efficient on personal computers, printers and other general office equipment
  • You love working in exterior and interior work environments, sometimes in inclement weather


  • US Citizenship required