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1760 - Geospatial Epidemiologist

Chamblee, Georgia
US Citizenship


  • Geospatial science, analysis, technology and visualization (SATV) projects that focus on the use of GIS in public health
  • Analyze geospatial and temporal patterns and trends evident in public health data
  • GIS consulting, advice, and technical guidance within the context of projects
  • Provide expertise in application of geospatial concepts, methods, and tools to public health disciplines
  • Apply expert knowledge and experience with the ArcGIS suite of GIS products and extensions
  • Provide expertise, direction, consultation, and training on geospatial epidemiology concepts, methods, and techniques
  • Provide expert services in geocoding, visualization, and geospatial analyses of exposure information, health informatics, and risk factors that could affect exposure and health outcomes in epidemiological studies
  • Provide expertise for developing, refining, and implementing study plans and protocols supporting the examination of public health data from a geographic perspective
  • Provide expertise in the use of mobile technology, GPS, and drone devices to gather spatially referenced data and/or images supporting aspects of public health investigation and practice
  • Provide expert statistical and geostatistical support in applicable public health discipline
  • Support data collection and visualization
  • Support public health content and publication development
  • Participate in oral and written communications, as needed, to interface with the diverse and multi-disciplinary program staff to obtain clarity in requirements and communicate complex GIS science and technology concepts to staff who collaborate with the program on various projects.


  • BS/BA in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Public Health, or related field; Master of Public Health preferred
  • Requires 8 to 10 years with BS/BA or 6 to 8 years with MS/MA or 3 to 5 years with PhD.
  • Experience in geospatial science, technology, and visualization; epidemiology; geospatial statistics; environmental science and modeling; and project coordination
  • Experience in spatial and temporal cluster investigations
  • Ability to provide subject matter expertise, direction, consultation, and training on GIS-related concepts, methods, and techniques
  • Experience supporting geospatial SATV projects that focus on the use of GIS in public health to protect populations from outbreaks, incidents, and hazards spanning the public health disciplines (environmental health, emergency preparedness/response, chronic disease, infectious disease, injury)
  • Experience in cancer research preferred
  • Expertise in the use of GIS science and technology as applied to collection, coding, analysis, and interpretation of scientific data contained within information systems and databases related to public health
  • Experience with demographic analysis, network analysis, time-series analysis, cartography, web/desktop/mobile application development, database development, and other GIS-related fields; ability to analyze geospatial and temporal patterns and trends evident in public health data
  • Experience with the ArcGIS Suite of products (ESRI, Inc.), R, and other GIS analysis, GIS data manipulation, and map production tools
  • Ability to explain technical concepts and applications to non-GIS project partners
  • Willingness to learn and adapt to rapidly evolving geospatial technologies
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Experience supporting Public Health Agency preferred


  • US Citizenship