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1571 - Information Systems Security Engineer

Ridgecrest, California.
Secret Clearance


  • Understand system architecture to maintain a posture complaint with DoD’s RMF A&A process
  • Interpret and implement DoD IT security policies and compliance measures.
  • Identify appropriate RMF controls for various types of systems to include classified and unclassified systems.
  • Interface with other IA support staff to coordinate RMF A&A activities
  • Monitor computer usage and audit logs to ensure compliance with IA controls and reporting.
  • Ensure continuous understanding of operation status and vulnerabilities.
  • Prepare, review and process accreditation packages in accordance with established security plan.
  • Initiate requests for temporary and permanent exception, deviations, or waivers to IA requirements
  • Assure successful implementation and functionality of security requirements and appropriate IT policies and procedures that are consistent with the organizations mission and goals.
  • Define and/or implement policies and procedures to ensure protection of critical infrastructure (as appropriate)
  • Ensure plans of actions and milestones or remediation plans are in place for vulnerabilities identified during risk assessments, audits, inspections, etc.
  • Ensure that IA inspections, tests, and reviews are coordinated for the network environment.
  • Ensure that IA requirements are integrated into the continuity planning for that system and/or organization(s)
  • Ensure that protection and detection capabilities are acquired or developed using the IS security engineering approach and are consistent with organization-level IA architecture.
  • Evaluate and approve development efforts to ensure that baseline security safeguards are appropriately installed.
  • Evaluate cost benefit, economic, and risk analysis in decision making process.
  • Identify security requirements specific to an IT system in all phases of the System Life Cycle
  • Participate in an information security risk assessment during the Security Assessment and Authorization process
  • Participate in the acquisition process as necessary, following appropriate supply chain risk management practices.
  • Participate in the development or modification of the computer environment IA security program plans and requirements.
  • Prepare, distribute, and maintain plans, instructions, guidance, and standard operating procedures concerning the security of network system(s) operations.
  • Provide system related input on IA security requirements to be included in statements of work and other appropriate procurement documents.
  • Recognize a possible security violation and take appropriate action to report the incident, as required.
  • Recommend resource allocations required to securely operate and maintain an organization.
  • Supervise or manage protective or corrective measures when an IA incident or vulnerability is discovered.


  • B.S. in Information systems or equivalent with a minimum of 8 years’ experience with RMF IA process/tasks OR A.S with a minimum of 10 years’ experience to RMF IA process/tasks OR High School with a minimum of 16 years’ experience with RMF IA process/tasks.
  • Working knowledge of NIST 800-53 controls, overlays, and inheritance
  • Working knowledge of eMASS
  • Excellent communication skills to defend and discuss accreditation packages with approving officials.
  • Must have sec+ certification.
  • Must have or be able to acquire and maintain a security clearance at the secret or TS level.
  • Knowledge of PC operating systems and servers.
  • Knowledge or experience with cyber security tools (Splunk, HBSS, ACAS, Nessus etc.)


  • CISSP certification


  • Minimum Secret Clearance – Top Secret Clearance preferred