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1450- Cyber Engineer

Chantilly, Virginia
TS/SCI with Full Scope Polygraph

We are looking for an Cyber Systems Engineer / Identity Management to assist with efforts to investigate adversary technical attacks against USG critical infrastructure. This position will require conducting in-depth reviews of critical infrastructure nodes, so that potential risks/threats are identified and properly mitigated.


  • Advise Identity Management and Cyber principles and issues as well as manage the overall cyber program with in the Identity Management program.
  • Assess complex and politically sensitive cyber issues, and is expected to work with other elements, leveraging talent and expertise, to ensure the delivery of high value support solutions that are informed by the best cyber practices.
  • Provide Identity Management with cyber guidance on a range of issues specifically focusing on appropriate ops that protects all aspects of identities used.
  • Apply a cyber-mindset to help define the Support-cyber skillset as applied to official identity uses and processes.
  • Coordinate an Identity cyber program, in coordination with Cyber for Support FO and Identity Management FO that brings awareness, critical thinking, and application to Support and ops via existing and new cyber principles across Identity Management structures, process and people.
  • Integrate critical business functions that enable Identity Management to develop and execute strategic programs focused on revealing the risks/threats to all aspects of identity management.
  • Closely monitor trends concerning threats to identity management in order to assess and recommend appropriate postures.
  • Anticipate and propose mitigation solutions for identity threats across the Enterprise.
  • Collating data from multiple sources to include: Anomalies identified by field and data scientists
  • Fill Intelligence gaps on adversary identifiers and activity using targeting methodologies.
  • Work closely with partners to identify current threats and collect additional information regarding the threats identified
  • Conduct in-depth reviews of critical infrastructure nodes.
  • Identify risk to USG critical infrastructure.
  • Plan and develop mitigation strategies which neutralize or disrupt the risk so that the critical infrastructure is not adversely affected.
  • Maintain and extend relationships across the agency so that mission performance is enhanced.


  • Ability in applying/interpreting regulations, policies and procedures.
  • Representation/presentation skills, including the ability to effectively communicate to a broad range of audiences. This includes the ability to represent the Customer’s programs, policies, and interests to all levels of customer, service providers, and stakeholders.
  • Rigorous operational support and analytical cyber experience.
  • Substantive knowledge of the cyber discipline as it relates to identity management.
  • Understanding of data systems and the threat to the protection of systems and officers’ identities.
  • Ability to provide in-depth holistic analysis of a technical threat to critical infrastructure by leveraging various data sources. An understanding of current infrastructure, business processes, policy, and adversary capabilities is key to producing accurate risk assessments.
  • Strong analytic, writing, and briefing skills; a demonstrated ability to distill information into documented and sourced products, communicate complex technical topics to a non-technical audience, and distill complex issues into succinct problems, impact, and recommended solutions.
  • Background or expertise in at least two of the following topics: General security, cyber security, information technology, facility management, building utilities, insider threats, hard target intelligence services, or offensive technical operations.


  • Prior experience supporting the cyber mission.
  • Overseas work experience, or experience working with the Operations or Field elements
  • Working with technical and operation al personnel to have a working knowledge of overseas threat environments.
  • Knowledge of the cable system and core databases.
  • Working knowledge of Splunk and Tanium.
  • Hard target and/or Russian language skills.
  • Demonstrated on-the-job experience with collaboration and outreach across multiple customer environments. E. g., IT, Cyber, Security, Operational
  • Project management experience.
  • Process improvement experience.
  • Understanding of various identities and processes used to establish identity.


  • TS/SCI with Full Scope Polygraph