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1305- Network Engineer Technical Specialist

Undisclosed, Virginia
TS/SCI Full Scope Polygraph


Designs and plans network communications systems. Provides specifications and detailed schematics for network architecture. Conducts cost/benefit analysis and provides specific detailed information for hardware and software selection, implementation techniques and tools for the most efficient solution to meet business needs, including present and future capacity requirements. Conducts testing of network design. Responsible for monitoring network hardware operations to ensure properly set configuration options. Plans implementation of enhancements and upgrades to the network. Advises network users of hardware requirements, configurations, and limitations. Maintains technical expertise in all areas of network and computer hardware and software interconnection and interfacing, such as routers, multiplexers, firewalls, hubs, bridges, gateways, etc. Evaluates and reports on new communications technologies to enhance capabilities of the network. May be assigned responsibility for the management of the systems administration function, including associated staff.


The individual selected for this position will support the Customer organization responsible for piloting secure internet solution(s) in support of mission requirements; includes providing strategic planning, requirements definition, use case development, architectural design for possible expansion, and governance--including acquisition strategy, operating procedures, ans associated costs.  Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Supporting the Customer in delivering system pilot based on prototype developed by others; defining/refining architecture for expansion, and associated documentation
  • Developing future technology roadmaps that describe the plans to move from "as-is" to the "to-be"; identify way-forward.
  • Providing technology-specific knowledge and consultation to Customer components; assist in technical reviews and designs; assess technical solutions to business needs; and development of technical concepts of system operations for Customer components' requirements, system designs, and system architecture.
  • Provide network and systems architecture expertise and consultation to engineering components; assist in technical reviews and architecture designs; develop strategic direction; assess technical solutions in support of initiatives/objectives.
  • Support Customer in defining network architectures, illustrating and documenting new and existing networks; provide architectural guidelines with appropriate levels of abstraction for stakeholder engineering teams to design and build to.
  • Identify gaps in capabilities and provide strategic direction towards a solution.
  • Coordinate closely with stakeholder engineering teams to define and document requirements and provide expert technical guidance.
  • Develop other architectural artifacts--drawings/diagrams, concepts of operation, etc.--as required.
  • Work with multiple stakeholders to define requirements and resolve discrepancies between proposed plans and established standards.


  • Demonstrated expertise in WAN networking protocols and concepts; how network traffic is impacted as it moves between different systems
  • Demonstrated ability to build/deploy global networks and communicate effectively across organizational boundaries
  • Demonstrated expertise with networking concepts (TCP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RPC, SNMP, DNS, VPC/VPN, etc.) and proficiency with network traffic analysis tools
  • Demonstrated understanding of USG network/systems capabilities, best practices, and policies/procedures--including cloud
  • Ability to illustrate complex technical issues clearly and accurately for consumption by both technical and non-technical audiences--e.g., Network Architectures, drawings, and leading whiteboard technical discussions
  • Complex problem-solving--identifying complex programs and reviewing related information to develop/evaluate options and implement solutions
  • Strong oral and written communications and interpersonal skills
  • Experience successfully working in a dynamic, challenging and fast-paced environment
  • Bachelor's degree (or equivalent experience) in Network Engineering/Security or related technical discipline Requires 10 to 12 years with BS/BA or 8 to 10 years with MS/MA or 5 to 7 years with PhD.


  • Active TS/SCI Full Scope Polygraph