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1240- Data Scientist

Crystal City, Virginia
Top Secret


  • Working on high-visibility or mission critical aspects of a given program and performing all functional duties independently.
  • Overseeing the efforts of less senior staff and/or being responsible for the efforts of all staff assigned to a specific job.
  • Responsible for utilizing big data technologies (e.g., Apache Hive, Apache, Pig, Apache Spark, MapReduce, Hadoop, and MongoDB) and knowledge of data science models to analyze large amounts of data and create valuable insights for supporting the mission.
  • Duties include finding and designing new approaches to handling, analyzing and using large volumes of law enforcement, intelligence, investigative, and business data sets; exploring fundamental issues with data handling, search, and retention; solving complex data and storage issues; designing new software coding to improve data search processes; designing, testing and validating the quality of the data and data processes; and analyzing and reporting results with actionable recommendations.


  • Bachelors or Masters degree in computer science, or related field
  • Minimum 6 years of experience with a technology such as Apache Hive or Apache Pig and processing platform such as Apache Spark or MapReduce and experience working in the Hadoop ecosystem and experience working with a nosql database such as MongoDB or Accumulo


Active Top Secret Security Clearance